Ambassador Spock

[ Spock ] Personal Dates:
Name: Spock
Title: Ambassador
Born: 2230 on Vulcan
Father: Sarek
Mother: Amanda Grayson
Blood Type: T-negative
Starfleet Service No: S179-276 SP

I was born 2230 on planet Vulcan. My mother, Amanda, is human and used to be a schoolteacher on Earth. As a child I had many troubles because of my half-human nature. I used to have a half-brother named Sybok . At the age of seven I was bonded to T'Pring, so that we will be drawn together when we come to age and the time is right. This actually happended in 2267, when I experienced the pon farr. I did not marry but freed her, so that she could marry Stonn. I joined Starfleet as the first Vulcan, disappointing my father Sarek, who wanted me to join the Vulcan Science Academy. I have earned the Vulcan Scientific Legion of Honor and several Starfleet decorations. I am an A7 computer expert.
After our five year-mission, I retired from Starfleet and returned to Vulcan, in order to achieve kohlinar. 2271 I reentered Starfleet and was promoted to Captain. 2285 I was killed in an attempt to save the Enterprise after the explosion of the Genesis Device. Before I died, I was able to mind-meld with Dr. McCoy. My body was reborn on the Genesis Planet, and my spirit could be reunited in a fal-tor-pan-ritual on Mount Seleya on Vulcan.
In 2293 I served as envoy to the Klingon government, preparing the peace of Khitomer. Later I became Ambassador of the United Federation of Planets.
I travelled to Romulus to find ways preparing a possible unification of the Romulan an Vulcan people. Sela, possibly a member of the Romulan Tal Shiar tried to use my actions to cover a Romulan invasion on Vulcan (2368). This was the occasion when I met Captain Jean Luc Picard, who brought me the bad news, that Sarek has died after suffering many years from the Bendii Syndrome. In 2369 I helped proconsul M'ret defecting to Federation.

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